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About us

Local + Turtle is a natural food distribution company that provides only exceptional quality products from reputable

 manufacturers and processors.  Our goal is to provide unparalleled service to all our customers by striving to add a personal touch.


We consider our company a “boutique” food distributor that focuses on true quality.  Although we do not regard ourselves as a broadliner, we do stock products from all categories ranging from meats, seafood, poultry, dairy, foodservice paper, and chemicals.  We have taken great measures to remove the guess work for our customers by carefully selecting products that meet our strict specifications of quality.


By understanding what is important to your customers and your business, we can deliver the right products and services to meet these demands. Local + Turtle can supply in bulk by full truck, container loads, less than a truck load (LTL) as well as deliver locally with our own trucks. Taking advantage of economies of scale, we get the best quality and pricing for our customers. Our highly skilled staff are versed in global markets & currency exchanges to obtain the best price without sacrificing quality.

Increased Consistency & Profitability for You, as a leader in the Tampa Bay area recognized for known quality food, we strive to stay true to our objective of providing exactly what our customers desire. Our team is specifically trained to assist our customers in understanding food purchasing, inventory management, and menu analysis.


Advanced Product Tracking Capabilities, in order to comply with HACCP regulations it is necessary for Local + Turtle to know exactly where each case of product is within our distribution network and facility at any given time, from the moment the product comes in our door until it reaches your door. 

To do this we affix a custom bar code sticker to each and every case, allowing us to track where and when each case shipped, down to the specific order, delivered to a specific customer, at a specific time on a specific day. With this kind of tracking if ever need to retrieve any product for whatever reason (quality, safety recalls, special picks), we know exactly where to find each and every case of product in question. Food safety and integrity is insured.

Organically Raised, Quality Product

Local + Turtle also offers the finest in meat, seafood and poultry products, from the most renowned and respected vendors in the U.S.


We are proud to be the official area suppliers for these fine companies.


Convenient Selections,   we can provide you with many of your day to day restaurant needs from 'to go' containers and cleaning supplies to napkins and paper products. Easy ordering and quick delivery ensure a smooth and seamless service at your business.

Products We Offer

Local + Turtle stocks over 2,000 items from over 100 vendors. Our facility gives us the capability to stock frozen, refrigerated, and dry products. We specialize in center-of-the-plate proteins many from locally sustainable farms across the US . We specialize in center-of-the-plate proteins, many from locally sustainable and small family farms across the US.  We are proud to be an authorized distributor for Creekstone Farms, Freebird Antibiotic Free Chicken, Indiana Packers. With these partnerships our customers are able to take advantage of manufacturer programs set up directly through our company.

Attention Caterers

In addition, we have a wonderful program designed specifically for local Tampa Bay caterers. We provide caterers with the same flexibility that we extend to our restaurant and hotel customers, without having to worry about minimums.


Often we will be able to provide next day delivery or same day pick-up on our normal stock items.

Fully Stocked Warehouse

Need a last minute order?

Our centrally located warehouse has what you need and can deliver it to you.


We carry a large inventory weekly to ensure that our clients will always be able to get their orders fulfilled promptly.

Next Day Delivery │ Same Day Pick Up │ Favored Customer Perks │ Flexibility for Caterers

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