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Florida’s Leading Premium

Custom Cut Steak Provider

Custom Steak Program

Local + Turtle is proud to offer premium cut steaks

for food service establishments.  Our high quality steaks are cut from Creekstone Farms 100% Black Angus Beef.  A wide selection of premium cuts and portion sizes are available to meet your individual food service needs

Why use

portion cut steaks?

Labor - Eliminate costly labor

from portioning and packaging

your steaks in-house.


Waste - 100% yield.  There

is no trim waste that needs to be used

or accounted for.


Cost Control  - You know what

each steak costs. Pricing your menu is easy.


Inventory Control - Easier

to keep track of inventory. You know

the exact number of steaks available.

Consistency - Steaks are cut to Meat Buyer’s guide standards.  Custom cut to weight or thickness specifications.


Shelf Life - 3 weeks when properly refrigerated.  Boxes are clearly dated,

making it easy to rotate product.


Quality- All cut product is aged

at least 21 days.


Flavor profile is consistent.


From the chef...

"Local + Turtle has been instrumental in facilitating a transition to not just quality products but to sustainable, environmentally conscientious meat sourcing.


 It is important to me, my family and our customers that we promote and use organic, pesticide free and hormone free proteins as part of our restaurant offerings."


 Chef Tyson @ Parkshore Grill

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