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We know chicken is important to you. After all, about half of all chicken is sold through foodservice. But with all that chicken on menus, the last thing you need is another “me-too” chicken dish. With FreeBird chickens, you are starting head and shoulders above the rest.


FreeBird not only delivers taste, it also offers important benefits for today’s educated consumer, who frequently faces alarming news from scientific communities about the health concerns of both antibiotics and animal byproducts in our food chain. FreeBird’s commitment to pure ingredients and responsible stewardship allows you to promote its all-natural, pure and delicious taste and to serve chicken that is not simply free of antibiotics, but is also guilt free.


Free to be.

FreeBird chickens are free to roam in barns that are more spacious that those used by traditional poultry farmers. They’re free to eat and drink on their schedules, not ours. And their vegetarian diet is completely and totally free of animal byproducts and extenders. In fact, FreeBird chickens dine on a proprietary recipe of clean ingredients, with plenty of fresh well water.


FreeBird Chickens are also always antibiotic free. That means they have never ever been given antibiotics. And that’s an important distinction.

Plainville Farms® brand turkey is your natural or organic choice for an Uncommonly Good meal.

Plainville Farms® turkey is never, ever administered antibiotics, fed a 100% vegetarian diet, and humanely-raised on family farms in accordance with Plainville Farms® standards, with no added growth hormones

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